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DSH Performance

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About Us

Dynamic Fitness Coaching Company

My journey began with a move to the USA, a shift that opened my eyes to a stark reality the scarcity of movement and fitness in people's lives, coupled with a healthcare system that overlooked the transformative power of healthy lifestyles and movement as a form of medicine. Driven by this observation, I embarked on a mission to change the narrative.

Black Metal

Well-Being with DSH Performance

The Ultimate Method to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

DSH Performance was born from a passion to revolutionize the way we approach fitness. Our ethos is simple yet powerful: we're here to redefine the concept of fitness, helping individuals not just look better, but more importantly, feel and move better. We specialize in guiding you to become the ultimate 'Athlete of Life.' Our focus isn't solely on sculpting bodies but transforming mindsets. We're dedicated to crafting personalized fitness programs that cater to your unique goals, amplifying movement as the cornerstone of vitality and well-being.


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We offer personalized fitness programs tailored to your unique goals, emphasizing movement as a cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle.


Workout programming

Customized workout programs tailored to your goals, fitness level, and preferences for effective and enjoyable fitness experiences.


Custom nutrition help

Custom and specific nutrition protocols, access to clients resources which include but are not limited to recipe ideas, high protein snacks, meal prep guides etc.


Accountability tracking

Help with building consistent habits and results through habit and accountability monitoring and tracking. As well as daily challenges to provide fun comradery

Suzy Grant

Dylan has had the most positive impact on my fitness and physical health. Dylan personalizes every session so that no two are identical. Most importantly, he listens very carefully. He listens to me about my goals and seeks to help me attain them.
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Why corporate wellness is important

Discover the DSH Performance Difference


Wellness initiatives foster a positive company culture centered around health, collaboration, and support. They provide opportunities for team- building, camaraderie, and shared goals, strengthening employee relationships and morale.


By promoting preventive health measures and encouraging healthy behaviors, corporate wellness programs can help reduce healthcare costs associated with chronic diseases and lifestyle-related conditions.


Healthy and happy employees are more productive. Wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, and workplace stress, leading to higher levels of engagement and performance.


The vast majority of employees care about wellness. In a study from Deloitte, 91% of respondents shared that they have goals for their wellbeing.


Unlock Your Fitness Potential Today!

Experience personalized training, expert guidance, and proven results with DSH Performance. Take the first step towards a healthier, stronger you.

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